Why Install an SCT Tuner on a Diesel Truck

Most diesel truck owners use their vehicles a lot, whether they’re towing trailers or driving around town for work or for leisure and thankfully, most diesel trucks are designed to perform well under heavy use. That doesn’t mean that they come off the line at peak performance, though. Those who want to get more out of their diesel trucks may want to look into sct tuners so that they can increase their performance even more.

An SCT tuner is plugged into the diagnostic port on a truck to rewrite its computer settings for optimal performance. That’s just how it works, though. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of investing in a tuner below.

Improved Mileage

One of the benefits of increasing power in a diesel vehicle is that making the switch also improves fuel economy. Diesel vehicles frequently see anywhere from a one to a five mpg improvement, with those being used to tow significant loads seeing mileage improvements as high as 8 mpg more than what drivers are used to. This helps to offset the already remarkably low cost of purchasing a tuner.

Custom Tuning

Once drivers have purchased a tuner, they can begin installing custom tunes. These can be tailored to drivers’ unique needs, including accommodating for frequent towing, improving daily performance and highway driving, and even offering extra power for racing. Just keep in mind that while most vehicles with minor modifications can use standard tunes, those that feature larger injectors, injector nozzles, HPOP systems, or other major modifications must utilize custom tunes.

Save Money

Over time, the money invested into a tuner will be returned in the form of improved fuel economy. Most drivers find that, depending on what kind of truck they drive, they see a return on this investment within just a few years.

What’s the Catch?

Simply put, there really isn’t a catch when it comes to installing tuners. They increase HP, improve fuel economy, and offer more responsive shifting, making it easier to drive even under strenuous circumstances. Those who are interested in getting maximum performance from their trucks might also want to check out the Bulletproof Diesel package, which works great in conjunction with tuners.


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